Spice Diana multi million mansion near completion

Around this time last year, Spice Diana showed off her house that was under construction then, but now, the house that she said had cost her 600Million at the time is now partly complete.

The Jangu Ondabe singer gave her fans a sneak peek of the crib. The fans were, however, concerned that she had entered the house without a housewarming party like Hellen Lukoma, Sheebah and Banjoman among others did…

Chances are, a few things need to be done on the house before she can unveil it to the fans. It should also be recalled that Sheebah threw a housewarming party and so was Hellen, Spice Diana could be looking at doing a different housewarming party that should be better than those witnessed before.


Inside and outside Spice Diana’s multi million mansion

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