Brown Sugar Disloses A Detailed List Of Debts Sipapa Is Ought To Pay

If there’s a thing I thank Covid-19 for is reality betraying those who fake life. Not everyone is perfect but why try to prove a point to a society that doesn’t care.

Self-proclaimed city tycoon Sipapa has all over again proved to the society that he owns a spot in the billionaire’s club. From splashing money to people in Kisenyi, helping the needy for public attention and purchasing expensive cars to uphold his position society – I must say he has kept trying.

A few days ago singer brown sugar came out to expose how Sipapa isn’t what he proves to be. A detailed story on how Brown sugar has been mistreated under his care will be published but however today we bring you a list debts Sipapa is ought to pay.

  1. 2,400,000 shillings borrowed from Kwewaayo Savings Group- Kireka for clearing rent when her landlord Mr. Mayinja chased them after failing to pay rent for 6months. (400,000 per month).
  2. 1,780,000 shillings a hotel bill (Chez Johnson Hotel- Kabalagala) where they confiscated her phones & all her other belongings.
  3. 1,200,000 shillings- rent for Shugar’s Collection a shop that was situated in Kireka. Sipapa ordered for closure of the shop that was owned by the singer when she was in the hospital (Rehab). All the stock including Jewelry, Bags, Mannequins and makeup were confiscated by the landlord.
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